We’re huge now! Yay!

All our edumacators and schoooools

It has only been two weeks since we posted the Call to Action asking educators to participate in the WikiSeat project. As of today, we have over 5,000 students, over 100 educators, on three different continents, who all want to make seats. These numbers are both exhilarating and terrifying. We didn’t expect nearly as positive and passionate a response as we have received, many thanks to the attention brought to the project by David Pescovitz at BoingBoing and Will Richardson’s post on his blog, and all of the re-tweets, dinner conversations, and emails that have taken place.

Above is a screen shot of our very high-tech map-o-schools, to show you some of the scale. Not shown are our participants in the UK, Australia, and Hawaii… and a few slackers who have failed to turn in their mailing addresses, (don’t worry folks, you’re still in, we’ve turned in quite a few late papers ourselves… Alaric especially apologizes). We promise an interactive map, complete with descriptions and pictures, some of which are of dogs! 

Our Kickstarter launch is coming soon, real soon. We have met the date for educators to get on board so we can calculate the minimum on the Kickstarter. So you know, this doesn’t mean anyone else who wants to be involved is out. If we get over-funded, we will put folks on a waiting list and then systematically fulfill orders for however much more funding we receive.  I know this presents a challenge to those waiting-list-educators who want to use this project for the coming spring semester, but know that there isn’t a deadline for when you have to use the project in your classroom.

So, what are we doing now? Well, we are putting together the details for the rewards we will be offering for the Kickstarter (because, well that’s how Kickstarter works), making our video, and other fun things, such as manufacturing logistics. If you are interested in assisting in anyway, we are more than happy to accept help, please feel free to contact us.   

Beyond that, we are extremely excited about all of the potential that this project has, especially now that we have seen the scale that it can grow. We will keep you updated over the next week, and hope that you keep us on your minds, and in your dinner conversations. 

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