The Great Frontier of Education: Oranges, Problems, and Seats

Wondering what we’ve been up to? Check out Sean Wheeler’s 10th grade class, they are currently doing the WikiSeat project, and have been doing a great job of it. They have opened their boxes, received their Catalysts, and have begun the long process towards making their chairs. A learning process unlike many others you can experience in a given classroom today, and it seems the students agree. They have been blogging about the project, starting with the Oranges exercise and the Problems exercise.

To me, things like the taste and the sound of the orange are kind of indescribable, and are really something that one would have to actually experience rather than to be told about it.Alex M.’s Blog

Honestly, this was the best orange I’ve ever eaten. I’ve never taken twenty-five minutes to eat an orange, maybe five minutes. But in that five minutes, I never appreciated it, thought about where it came from, or looked at the cells. –Sarah’s Blog


…You can’t assume the blatant explanation is the correct one and this requires you to put forth something called effort. This is a problem that is being exasperated by several things, but one of the prime reasons is due to our schooling system. I can say with confidence that we just play a game through high school. It only dawned on me what we were doing in sixth grade but when it did, even the minimal effort I was putting forth stopped. Until this year I haven’t put any thought or effort into school, even though I was in the “focus” program, the supposedly challenging course for middle school students. For four years I haven’t tried to do well in school. This is a huge problem that needs to be solved and I think that the 2.0 program at Lakewood High School is on the right track.Steven H.’s Blog

We also have sent out Catalysts to two other classrooms and are quickly making Catalysts for more. A total of 13 teachers have offered to pay for this project out of pocket, which is way more than we expected to. It’s amazing the support and determination that these educators have shown, teachers are an awesome group of people!

If you haven’t seen it on our Twitter, or #wikiseat, here’s what our shop looks like, it’s not the most glamorous, but this is where these crazy bits of metal are being made.


We hope that you will follow the progress of these classes as the project continue’s throughout the semester, there are plenty of more awesome things that are to happen.

Follow WikiSeat and Sean Wheeler for updates about the project, and #WikiSeat to see what students and others are doing!

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