Set Backs and Violins

We're hearing violin's overhere.

So, we have some bad news, and some good news for everyone. 

I’ll start with the bad news because there’s no point in putting that off. We are halting the fundraiser. We have hidden the Indiegogo page and will be restarting the campaign in a month. 

Why is this happening? Well, honestly it’s just wasn’t working this way. 

We are really new to this, I mean wet-behind-the-ears new, and we are learning as we go along. We need your support, advice, and assistance to make this happen. 

In addition to the online fundraiser, we would like to explore other ways to raise funds. If you, or anyone you know has experience, or has a great idea for this sort of thing, let us know! We’d love to hear your suggestions. 

What about the donations so far? If you want a full refund, we will gladly do this. Otherwise, we will be using the funds to get the first few classes Catalysts, so we can start seeing these seats get built. Donors will still receive their rewards by spring break. 

For those who want to do the project right now, the Instructable is online, here. Send that to any welder, and they are likely to be able to make as many Catalysts as you need. 

For the next month, we are going to regroup and plan out new ways to promote this project so that we can get Catalysts to as many folks as possible. 

Thank you so much for your continued support, it means the world to us. 

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