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CMY Catalyst

A set of 4: cyan, magenta, yellow, and white. Consider it art!

$120 plus shipping




Get One Give One

This Catalyst is the seed for building a seat. Purchase one for yourself and give one to a lucky student.

$24 plus shipping


Catalyst Kit for Educators

Kit includes 10 Catalysts and one Catalyst Jig.

$134 plus shipping



Catalyst Jig

This jig is the tool you need to make unlimited Catalysts! Fully assembled and ready to go! Includes one Catalyst.

$30 plus shipping


Big Box of Catalysts

Includes 18 Catalysts all in one box. This is the most economic way to ship Catalysts around the world, for educators only.

$216 plus shipping

Please allow a fair amount of lead time for large orders. We’re a small team making all of these by hand. If you have any questions just send us a message at info (at) wikiseat (dot) org