Let’s make seats in school. 

No really, let’s do it. 

If you teach a class — any class — and you want to build WikiSeat into your curriculum, then let us know by (EDIT) Thursday, October 18th, 2012, by noon o’clock-ish. 

Next week, we are launching a Kickstarter to get crowd-funded Catalysts to as many students as possible. This will be entirely free for teachers and students. We just need to know how many people are in the class. 

WikiSeat is an open source furniture design platform, but more than that; it is a way in which everybody can experience creation, for themselves, in any setting. It all starts with a Catalyst, which serves as a framework for little kids and big kids alike, to make a seat, a table, a bench, or even a paper weight. 

We have been doing this for a little over a year now, and it’s been pretty successful in it’s trial run.  To get a feel for how this projects works in the classroom, just read through this blog, or visit Sean Wheeler’s blog where he documented the experience of his 10th grade American Literature class (“You’re Going to Build a What in English Class?”), who all got to do the project last year. There are many examples of the students’ seating designs, related engineering, and expressions of their experience through writing. 

We hope to get as many of these out to as many folks as possible for one very important reason;  making things is awesome, and everyone deserves to have a fulfilling maker experience. To us, no other joy can surpass that of having successfully designed and created an object. Personally, I equate it to teaching a kid to ride a bike, or teaching a friend how to google for an answer to a question for the first time. 

We are more than willing to work with you on curriculum ideas, or you can take the project and run with it. If this sounds like a thing you are interested in being a part of, don’t be shy. If you’re an educator, or a student, we aren’t asking for anything, no money, nothing like that. We just want your involvement. You will receive your Catalysts by spring break 2013.

Let’s be scientists and experiment with the future of learning! The only thing we need to know, is how many catalysts you need, and really, we will only know this if you let us know. So, what’s your mailing address? 

Email us! 

info (at) wikiseat (dot) org

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