WikiSeat is an open source furniture project. That means that all of the documentation for how to build a WikiSeat is freely and openly published online.

At the heart of each WikiSeat is a Catalyst. This is the structural support, made out of welded angle iron, that helps hold three legs in place. The seat part goes on top. It is a pretty simple idea, but there are no instructions for how to assemble these parts. We encourage people to find materials rather than buying them from a store. Every WikiSeat is a truly unique creation, a reflection of the creators environment and ideas.

There are countless active WikiSeat makers around the world. Artists, makers, hackers, library-goers, students, teachers… It doesn’t matter whether people consider themselves a master craftsperson, or if they have never picked up a hammer. WikiSeat is a unique and compelling opportunity to explore what it means to make something.


Check out this interactive version of the Maker Map to learn more about the people who are building seats.