2015 WikiSeat Scholarship

wikiseat-montageApply now for the 2015 WikiSeat Scholarship to receive free* WikiSeat Catalysts for your public school’s classroom!

What is it?
The WikiSeat Catalyst is the structural support at the heart of every WikiSeat. The 2015 WikiSeat scholarship will awards a total of 100 WikiSeat Catalysts to between 5 and 10 classrooms.

The process of building a seat is a great opportunity to learn all sorts of interesting stuff, including but not limited to:

  • Critical Thinking and User Centered Design
  • Drawing and napkin sketching
  • Hands-on construction skills
  • How to source workshops/spaces and building materials in your neighborhood
  • Hands-on experience with abstract concepts relating to literature and philosophy
  • Scientific principles relating to the six simple machines
  • Hands-on experience with how different forces act on material properties
  • Video documentation, blogging and online community participation
  • Public speaking at art galleries and events

What we want
Fill out the 2015 WikiSeat Scholarship Application to let us know a little about you, your school, and how you will use WikiSeat in your classroom.

Preference will be made for schools that meet the following criteria:

  • There is a thoughtful plan for how the project will be used in the classroom to tie into related subjects in the class. WikiSeats may be helpful to lessons in math, science, literature, social studies, and even art classes.
  • Public schools ONLY are eligible for this scholarship. Private schools may apply to receive WikiSeat Catalysts at a discounted rate if they can demonstrate a financial need.
  • Class sizes of 10-18 students are preferred (this is a loose limit determined by how many Catalysts fit in a flat-rate USPS shipping box).
  • There is a plan to start and finish the project between January 1 and Spring Break.

Applications are due November 15. The application deadline has been extended to December 5th. Scholarship recipients will receive their WikiSeat Catalysts by January 1.

The *Catch
There is one catch! This scholarship is funded completely out of pocket, and through WikiSeat volunteer hours. For this reason, we ask classes to pay for shipping costs. Up to 18 Catalysts can fit into a flat rate USPS box, which costs only $17.90.
If you live in the Bay Area, then you may pick up your Catalysts from our San Francisco workshop, free of charge.

Q: Can students work in groups?
A: Yes

Q: What if I NEED 19 Catalysts?
A: Then we can put them in two boxes and it will cost a few dollars extra.

Q: How on earth would I use this project in an English class?
A: Ask Sean Wheeler on twitter @mrwheeler, or read his blog www.teachinghumans.com

Q: What about international orders?
A: Catalysts are still free if you meet the other criteria, and you may choose to pay for the postage of your choice. Each Catalyst weighs approximately 0.45 kilos, if you want to calculate shipping.

Q: Where can I find the application form?
A: You can find it here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/14PdGqnQxg7sXy8dnKFeB39_OUNapzxmht-iiA_3hAok/viewform

If you have any other questions, please contact nicolas (at) wikiseat (dot) org.